In 1979, StARS began serving refugees through English language instruction and community support. Founded by St. Andrew’s United Church of Cairo, StARS was one of the first organizations in Egypt dedicated to improving the quality of life of refugees, asylum seekers, and vulnerable migrants. Today we serve more than 3,000 students and clients annually in our education, psychosocial, and legal aid programs. Our purpose is twofold: to provide high-quality services meeting unaddressed needs of refugees and asylum seekers, and to provide a safe and inclusive space for displaced people to come together as a community.

Our mission is to enable refugees and migrants to recognize their potential by encouraging self-motivation and independence through quality, client-centered programming.

Our vision is that every refugee and asylum seeker is entitled to health, security, dignity.

Our students and clients come from many places, including Ethiopia, Iraq, Sudan, South Sudan, Somalia, Eritrea, and Syria. StARS does not discriminate on the basis of nationality, ethnicity, or religion.

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