Lent at St. Andrew’s

“Two thousand years ago Jesus prayer, ‘Thy kingdom come…on earth as it is in heaven.’  We see hopeful signs of and steps toward a better world where love and peace rule, but have to confess the prayer is still a long way from being answered.  We’re surrounded by a lot of speed these days, but this is a slow kingdom coming.”  (Kent Annan, Slow Kingdom Coming, p. 19)

With this in mind, we are focusing on practices that help us to do justice, love mercy, and walk humbly in the world.  We slow down during our Friday worship to take time for individual prayer–lifting up our concerns, our hopes, and our joys.  We take time to listen and to pay attention.  We look to Christ and his cross and to the resurrection promise.

During Holy Week, we will, once again, gather to hear the stories of the triumbphant entry into Jerusalem that so quickly turns to cries of “Crucify him.”  We will hear the stories of service, death, and resurrection, the stories that shape our faith and our lives.

Palm “Friday”: Friday 23 March at 10:00 AM

Maundy Thursday: Thursday 29 March at 6:30 PM

Good Friday: Friday 30 March at 10:00 AM

Easter: Sunday 1 April at 10:00 AM

Please join us during Lent and Holy Week as we keep watch for the slow kingdom coming.


Ayman Jarjour in Concert at St. Andrew’s  

 Sunday 11 March at 7:00 PM

Ayman was born in Damascus, Syria and now lives in Scotland. He holds a Master of Music degree from The Juilliard School in New York and a Bachelor’s degree from the Royal Conservatory of Music in Madrid. He served on the faculty of the High Institute of Music in Damascus, Syria and has lived and taught in the UK, Spain, Sudan, Belgium and the US.  His repertoire includes works with Spanish, Latin American, Classical, Middle Eastern and Modern flavours. He plays an instrument made by Egyptian luthier Jean-Paul Haggar.   He is involved with many charities working to help refugees and people affected by the war in Syria.  Ayman’s website is www.aymanjarjour.com

The concert is free, but we will take an offering to benefit new programs at StARS.

It promises to be a really lovely evening of very good music.  Please come and bring friends!


StARS Spring Bazaar

Saturday 17 March from 11:00-5:00

StARS would like to invite you to join in a day of fun and excitement on the 17th March from 11 am to 5pm.

The day will satisfy all of what you would be looking for, from handicrafts, authentic coffee and food, books, performances and so much more.

You wouldn’t want to miss a day of multicultural infusion and enjoyment, so come and join us.

If you are worried about your kids then don’t. We have designed a whole space for them full of colors, activities and balloons.

Waiting for you all.


“For the Healing of the Nations” 29 July 2016

Come, you who hunger for justice.  Come feast on God’s promise to feed the hungry, lift up the lowly, and set the captive free.

Come, you who thirst for mercy.  Come drink from the water of life, God’s power to pardon, strengthen, and heal.

Come, you who long for peace among nations and between peoples, peace in our homes and our hearts.

Come, all who are weary and heavy laden.  Come to the river of life, lay down your burdens, and pour out your prayers before the throne of the Lamb.

-From “For the Healing of the Nations,” Holden Prayer Around the Cross


We are an international and ecumenical church, coming from many places and Christian backgrounds.  Communion is served every Friday.  All baptized Christians are welcome at Christ’s table.