Pet Blessing–Friday 6 October at 10:00 AM

When we say “All are welcome,” we mean it.

On 6 October, in honor of St. Francis Day, that welcome even extends to our pets!  Friendly pets (on leash or in carriers) are welcome to join us for worship.  If you can’t bring your pet along, feel free to bring a photo.  Children may bring stuffed animals, as well.  Animals and their people are invited to receive a blessing during the service.

We are an international and ecumenical church, coming from many places and Christian backgrounds.  Communion is served on the first and third Fridays of each month.  All baptized Christians are welcome at Christ’s table.


“For the Healing of the Nations” 29 July 2016

Come, you who hunger for justice.  Come feast on God’s promise to feed the hungry, lift up the lowly, and set the captive free.

Come, you who thirst for mercy.  Come drink from the water of life, God’s power to pardon, strengthen, and heal.

Come, you who long for peace among nations and between peoples, peace in our homes and our hearts.

Come, all who are weary and heavy laden.  Come to the river of life, lay down your burdens, and pour out your prayers before the throne of the Lamb.

-From “For the Healing of the Nations,” Holden Prayer Around the Cross