St. Andrew’s Community Announcements: December 7, 2011

Christmas at St. Andrew’s: Traditional Carols in the Heart of Cairo, Thursday, Dec. 15

St. Andrew’s is hosting a community Christmas carols and readings service at 7pm on December 15.  Please invite your family and friends to attend this unique occasion.  Feel free to take a poster or extra leaflets available to share them with friends and the community.
Christmas Celebration Planned for December 25th at 6pm. 

Join members of our community alongside members of Cairo Christian Fellowship for the celebration of Christ’s birth.  Together, we will hold a combined service of lessons and carols on December 25th at 6pm.

 Please note that St. Andrew’s will not be worshipping on Christmas Eve (Dec. 24th) this year.
Church Holiday Decorating Saturday, December 10 at 10am

St. Andrew’s will host a church decorating morning on Saturday, December 10th at 10am.  This will help decorate our sanctuary for continuing advent festivities leading into Christmas.  All are welcome.
Christmas Worship Schedule; Note Changes to Times
Christmas at St. Andrew’s: Traditional Carols in the Heart of Cairo:  
Thursday, Dec. 15, 7pm
Christmas Candlelight Service:       Sunday, December 25, 6pm
No Sunday Evening Prayer Service on Dec. 25 and Jan 1.
Note:  St. Andrew’s will not worship on Christmas Eve, Dec. 24th.
Special Christmas Offering to be Collected

Each year, St. Andrew’s collects a special Christmas offering to support a special ministry. 100% of collection is donated to this collection.  This year, St. Andrew’s Church Council has designated St. Andrew’s Refugee Services Children’s Educational Program, the refugee ministry attached to our congregation, to receive this special offering.  Please give generously to support the education of our refugee community.  The offering will be collected at the December 15 Traditional Carols service held at St. Andrew’s at 7pm.
Poinsettias to Decorate the Church for Christmas

Preparations for the Christmas season are underway, including decorations for our sanctuary.  Members are invited to purchase a poinsettia in memory or honor of a love one that will decorate the church for Christmas.  A signup sheet is on the clip board.  The cost of each poinsettia is 30LE.
Nominating Committee for Council and StARS Board
The Church Council is forming a nominating committee to help facilitate the election of new church council members to one year terms.  The Annual Meeting of the congregation will be held on the final Friday of January, 2012.  If you are interested in serving on Church Council, speak to Iain Baxter or Pastor Peter.  Stay tuned for more announcements regarding this Committee and the nominations process.
Sign up for Assisting in Worship

A new signup sheet for worship assistants has been prepared.  Please sign up to share your gifts with us by reading in church, providing refreshments or giving the flowers. Thank you for sharing in our ministry in these ways.
Note from Pastor Peter

As my departure from St. Andrew’s approaches on Friday, December 16th, I want to express my gratitude to God and to each of you who make up our congregation.  Together, we have formed a unique and special community in downtown Cairo.  You have been a rich blessing to me and my family during my tenure as pastor.  I wish for you God’s presence and peace as you continue our important purpose in downtown as both a vital congregation combined with strong social service interests directed toward vulnerable refugees.


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