St. Andrew’s Community Announcements: September 22, 2011

Church Cleanup Scheduled for Sat., September 24th at 10am

Help to keep our newly renovated sanctuary clean and polished by volunteering for a couple hours with other members of our community.  All are welcome.

Martha Roy Plaque Dedication Friday, Sept. 30th

St. Andrew’s gives thanks for the faithful contributions of long-time member Dr. Martha Roy.  To honor her ministry among us for many decades, a plaque was placed next to the organ with the following caption:  “In loving memory of Martha Anderson Roy (March 27, 1913 to March 8, 2011). For many years a member of this church: teacher, scholar, musician, friend and servant of the people of Egypt, disciple of Christ.  Well done, good and faithful servant (Matthew 25:21).”  A dedication of this plaque will be planned during worship on Friday, September 30th.

Thanks to Danna Gobel September 30

Danna Gobel departs Cairo after three years, returning to Chicago (USA).  She has served as an important staff member of Refugee Services’ management for the past year and member of the Advisory Board.  We will thank her for her service at St. Andrew’s on Friday, September 30 with a modest celebration.  Thanks, Danna, for your many contributions and every blessing to you in the future.

All Church Retreat on October 14/15 at Anafora

St. Andrew’s enjoys occasional retreats for worship, community building, and fellowship.  The Coptic retreat center of Anafora is a memorable and peaceful location for such events.  A retreat is planned for October 14th and 15th.  Discussions will be held regarding our congregation’s ministry, especially as it enters a period of transition from Pastor Peter to other pastoral leadership.  We plan to leave together after church on Friday afternoon, October 14, caravaning in personal vehicles.  We will arrive back at St. Andrew’s on  Saturday afternoon, October 15th.  The approximate cost is 100LE per person.  Please let Pastor Peter know if you need financial assistance to attend the event.

The 2nd Century Fund Supports Building Renovations

We are blessed at St. Andrew’s with a beautiful worship space that was built over hundred years ago. As we enter into St. Andrew’s second century, we have been contributing to a special appeal called the 2nd Century Fund, which will pay for building repairs and improvements such as recent projects of newly installed air conditioning, freshly painted walls and resurfaced floors in the sanctuary.  Currently, a painting project is underway in the Guild Hall.  Thank you for your contributions.  Please contribute through a special envelope in the offering plate.

Volunteer for Refugee Services Refugee Services; Material Donations

St. Andrew’s Refugee Services (StARS) is a multifaceted program for refugees of our city that include services related to education, legal counseling and psychosocial services.  If you would like to volunteer in the programs, please contact Erin Odgers-Chew at

Specifically, St Andrew’s Refugee Services is looking for volunteer to manage its clothing donations.  This sorting involves four hours once every two weeks and making sure the cabinet is properly stored and tidy. Giveaways are organized once every 3-6 months, depending on the level of donations received.  Preparing for this event requires 6-8 hours.  If you feel that you could give your time to this project, please contact Erin or Pastor Peter.

Arabic for Foreigners Class at St. Andrew’s

St.  Andrew’s Refugee Services is excited to present a new Egyptian Arabic course specifically designed for foreigners living in Cairo. This course will be taught by highly qualified and experienced teachers and will be offered on Monday and Wednesday evenings from 6.30—8.30pm.  All the profits will support St. Andrew’s Refugee Services’ educational, legal and psychosocial services for refugees. The cost of the course is 1000LE and it will begin on Monday 3rd October and run for ten weeks.  Please contact for further details or call Fiona on 02 2575 9451.  Fifty percent discount for those interning with humanitarian organizations!!

St. Andrew’s Upcoming Meetings
Church Council:   October 10 at 5:30pm

Advisory Board:     October 18 at 6pm (at St. Andrew’s)


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