Godspeed to Intern Pastor Paul and Stephanie Schick

The year internship of Intern Pastor Paul and Stephanie Schick came to a close the past Friday, August 5, during which Paul preached his final sermon among us.  We give thanks for the meaningful contributions Paul has made to the life of our congregation in his worship leadership, development with others of our Sunday evening contemplative service and several small group fellowship opportunities.  We have been blessed by his presence and ministry.

We also give thanks for Stephanie’s ministry among us as well, volunteering as a science teacher in St. Andrew’s Refugee Services’ Children’s Education Program.   Stephanie made an important impact among the administrators, fellow teachers, and most importantly, the students.

During their final week in Cairo, Paul and Stephanie had a chance to do some last minute touring.  Visiting the Bent Pyramid of Dashur, Paul took his last chance to ride a camel for the first time.

Christ’s blessings and peace be with them as Paul resumes his studies at Wartburg Seminary in the United States.

Paul Schick on Camel (Dashur) 2








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