From the Pastor

Dear Friends of St. Andrew’s,

In recent days, Egypt has been debating the complicated and integral component of religious pluralism within the country’s framework.  Events in the Christian community such as this past weekend remind us that this debate is not only ongoing within our context, but it can also raise tensions.  As mainly foreign Christians living in Egypt, we as members of St. Andrew’s have an opportunity to delve deeper into these issues to learn more about the debate happening in our context.  How will these learning shape our understanding of faith?  What story will we share from our learnings to friends and family afar?  What are our prayers for Egypt as it continues these debates into the future?

One such event meant to bring this conversation to a deeper level is the Caravan of the Arts at St. John in Maadi starting this evening (Thursday), May 12.  Works are art will be on display, reflecting the theme of “My Neighbor”.  The event is meant to build constructive and peaceful bridges between the two religious communities: Islam and Christianity.  I wonder what the artists have created, perhaps since the revolution, to draw us into the complex conversation of hope.  I draw your attention to this event as a way to process the current and ongoing discussion occurring in our country today.  If pictures tell a thousand words, then this is a unique opportunity to experience in light of current events.  To check it out online, please see for more information about this year’s event as well as previous events.

In the end, we pray that a deepening of understanding between the people of Egypt would lead to constructive dialogue, mutuality and respect between people, and peaceful solutions to these complex questions.

God’s blessings to you all,
Pastor Peter


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