Martha Roy Funeral Service

Dear Friends,

Long-time member Dr. Martha Roy passed away this afternoon.  She was two weeks short of her 98th birthday.  Funeral service arrangements have been made at Kasr Dobara Church on Thursday afternoon (March 10th) at 1pm.  Stay tuned for more details.

Martha will remembered for her long, faithful service to God within the church of Egypt. She will be remembered for being just as much Egyptian as American, though many of us would call her fully Egyptian as she embraced fully her life here as a life-long missionary to this context.  Her matriarchal presence at St. Andrew’s is very apparent, spanning the decades of unequaled faithful presence and ministry.  Her gift of music in our community is a memorable blessing, playing without music all the favorite hymns of the church during worship.  I recall that when first warming up to play the organ in our Sunday morning services, she frequently played “Jesus Loves Me.”

I give thanks to God for Martha and her witness.  Eternal rest grant her, O Lord, and let light perpetual shine upon her.

In Christ,
Pastor Peter Johnson



3 thoughts on “Martha Roy Funeral Service

  1. Peter, You and your community have lost a dear sister and friend.
    What a gift she was to you all. Thanks for sharing her story. Her light continues to shine.

  2. Pastor Johnson,

    You and the wide family of St. Andrew’s will be in my prayers this week. Dr. Roy maintained a place at the heart of that congregation’s ministry, as well we the ministry of the gospel in Egypt as a whole. I will never forget her lessons during my internship…especially the ones she imparted during shared taxi rides. As we begin Lent returning to God in prayer who is gracious and merciful, may we give thanks for the many ways in which Dr. Roy (I could never call her Martha) gave witness to that love and grace throughout her life.

    Phillip Martin
    St. Andrew’s intern, 2001-02

  3. Pastor Johnson,
    Many friends around the world are praying for you all in this time of loss, and also reflecting with deep gratitude for the life of Dr. Roy among us. She was a beacon of Christ in the world for many!

    Kevin Massey
    St. Andrew’s intern, 1990-91

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