Worship Canceled on Friday, January 28th

From Pastor Peter Dear Members and Friends of St. Andrew’s,

Please be advised that our normally scheduled worship service tomorrow (Friday, January 28th) at St. Andrew’s has been canceled. Also, the congregation’s Annual Meeting originally scheduled to follow the service has been postponed until Friday, February 4th at 11am.

Given St. Andrew’s location across the street from the Egyptian High Court, the neighborhood has experienced protesters and demonstrations each day since Tuesday. In some case, these demonstrations have been violent. All St. Andrew’s Refugee Service programming has been canceled during this period and through the weekend. With rumors of more and potentially larger demonstrations planned for tomorrow after noontime services, it is not advisable that members of our community venture into the downtown area. Please take necessary caution during these uncertain times.

Since we will not be holding worship at St. Andrew’s tomorrow, I invite you to pray for our local context. You can pray for an ending of violence and for opportunities for peaceful discourse between the people of Egypt. You can pray for political and religious leaders, who are in the position to exercise prudent and constructive leadership. You can pray for our fellow residents of Cairo, especially our Egyptian as well as refugee neighbors.

I will be in touch with you with updates on our ministry in the coming days.

Sincerely in Christ,

Pastor Peter Johnson


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