Message from Pastor Peter

November 11, 2010

Dear Friends,

St. Andrew’s United Church of Cairo again is filled with activities this November.  In addition to our weekly Friday morning and new Sunday evening worship, we also look forward to the upcoming Weekend Wandering, the book sale, and of course, the great bazaar with ethnic good and food for sale.

Specifically, however, I draw your attention to a more dramatic issue.  It is the matter of human trafficking.  It has become part of our recent conversations at St. Andrew’s and it relates to the life of refugees we know well.

This challenging issue serves the purpose of broadening our understanding of the plight of people in Cairo we are called to serve.  What is the plight of people in our context and around the world?  What more do we have to learn about these issues?  What efforts are underway to combat human trafficking?  We will have the chance to learn more about this regional reality from Dr. Ray Jureidini on November 28th as we delve more deeply into this challenging reality.

I am hopeful that it will deepen our commitments to be caring and compassionate people of faith.

In Christ,
Pastor Peter


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