Pastoral Note from Intern Pastor Paul Schick

Dear Friends,

It’s been wonderful to be a part of this special community over the last few months as an intern pastor.  After just two months, I already can look back and recall so many joy-filled moments that we’ve shared at St. Andrew’s.  And as I look forward, I anticipate even more opportunities for us to live out our faith in community.  As you will see below, things will be busy over the next few months.  St. Andrew’s will be a place full of activities, which is a real blessing.  In the midst of planning for this busyness, I came across a beautiful quote from St. Augustine which goes, “Our heart is restless until it rests in you.”

Cairo is a loud city, full of noise, lights, and activity.  It can be so easy for us to miss God’s voice in all the noise of life.  To be sure, God is present also in the noise and in the busyness in life.  But unless we stop and listen, it can be so easy to get lost and to forget that we need rest.  I think this is why St. Augustine’s quote struck me, because Christ isn’t just about belief, hope, and forgiveness…Jesus is about finding rest.  Rest for our minds.  Rest for our bodies.  Rest for our souls.

For over 100 years in our current location, St. Andrew’s worship has been a place where people have found rest in God and community.  Starting November 7th, we will be offering a new Sunday evening worship service, which we hope will be another place for those who are weary to find rest through song, prayer, and fellowship.  I pray that through the many activities of the months ahead, St. Andrew’s will continue in this long tradition of providing a place of rest for weary souls.

May each of you find rest in God.

God’s peace,
Intern Pastor Paul Schick


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