Letter from Pastor Peter

Dear Friends of St. Andrew’s,

As part of my home assignment this past summer, my family and I drove nearly 6,000 miles by car (that’s more than 9,500 kilometers!) to visit many of the congregations and individuals who sponsor my family and the programs at St. Andrew’s.  It was rewarding to have the opportunity to share the St. Andrew’s story and give thanks for generous support.  We also had the opportunity to fit in some visits with old friends of St. Andrew’s.  In Akron, Pennsylvania, we Johnsons connected with James Wheeler and Linda Herr and their family.  In Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, we enjoyed good conversation with former Pastor Clifford and Saida Lewis and family.  In Alexandria, Virginia, I met Mark Victorson who attended St. Andrew’s before my arrival to Cairo.  In Minnesota, we visited with former volunteer Eric Clark, and in Ohio, we connected with Mike and Judy White, who volunteered in the refugee program this past winter.  This list could go on and on.  See some pictures of these reunions on this website.

Although these friends are only a snapshot of the wider community of St. Andrew’s, let us celebrate all the faithful people related to our church.  We are called together in faith by God for community life together.  For most of us, there is no doubt that St. Andrew’s provides “a home away from home” during our short or long stays in Cairo.

Just as I celebrate these old friends of the church, I look forward to seeing returning members this fall.  Some of you will be familiar, and others will be new to our community.  Be sure to invite friends looking for a church home to St. Andrew’s.  I look forward to welcoming one and all to our church community.

Pastor Peter


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