Christ’s ‘Three Days’ Are Upon Us; All Are Welcome

Dear Friends,

As we enter into the Three Days of our Lord’s suffering, death and resurrection, you are invited to share in the story of faith together at St. Andrew’s United Church of Cairo.

On Maundy Thursday (tonight; 7pm), we will join the disciples around the table of the Last Supper and hear again the story of Jesus washing the feet of the disciples.  As the service ends, we will be  clearing the altar until it is bare, symbolizing the betrayal of Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane later in the evening.

On Good Friday, we hold a traditional Tenebrea service (Latin for ‘darkness’) on Friday night at  7pm.  The sanctuary will gradually be darkened throughout the service as we read the story of Jesus’ final hours leading up to his crucifixion and burial.  When we read about his body being sealed in a tomb, our sanctuary will be in complete darkness.  There is no Friday morning service.

On Easter Sunday (Sunday, 10am), we will gather at the tomb of Christ to discover that it is empty.  We will join the disciples as they both struggle to collect themselves at the sight of the  resurrection and then rejoice in the hope and peace of Christ’s victory over the grave.

Welcome to you all.

In Christ,
Pastor Peter


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