St. Andrew’s Hymnal Supplement to be Created

Dear Friends,

As an international and interdenominational congregation, we find identity and delight in our diversity.  Indeed, our weekly worship bears witness to this diversity with tens of countries represented.  And, the myriad of Christian faith traditions in our community symbolizes each week the mosaic of the Christian faith.  This diversity is a gift from God to celebrate.

I have proposed that our congregation assemble a hymnal supplement of songs and hymns of the Christian faith that fully reflect the diversity of our membership.  The supplement would be a companion to our current hymnal and both hymnal and supplement would be utilized during worship each week.  I am excited that this idea has been enthusiastically received.  In fact, I have already been receiving songs and hymns to be included.

You are welcome to contribute, too.  If there are songs or hymns from your Christian faith tradition that are meaningful for you, please scan or make a photocopy of them.  I will be collecting and arranging them digitally into a booklet.  These songs should include organ or piano accompaniment.  My hope is that this hymnal supplement would be ready for use in the fall.

Faithful music of the heart is only one way we join together as faithful people.  As we enter into this special season of Holy Week, I look forward to sharing with you the meaningful story of our Lord.  I am grateful for your presence, voices, and prayers as we join hear again the story of the peace and love of Christ.

In Welcome,

Pastor Peter


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