From the Pastor

Dear Friends,

Do you remember when you first arrived in Cairo?  As expatriates, how important was it for you to find people and places to assist in your settling process?

For Christians, part of the process of settling in to a new home is finding an active church in which to participate.  There, they hear the promise of God’s presence and gain strength for the faithful life from fellow members.  In sum, Christians are not fully settled until they have found a home in a local church.

This past weekend, I put visitor cards in the bulletin for the first time.  They are small, loose sheets of paper that can be filled out voluntarily and turned in by new worshipers.  I am grateful that six were returned.  With the information, I had the opportunity to contact them individually.  A few were added to this email newsletter.  Finally, I am hopeful that they will return to St. Andrew’s.  This is because I want this church to be their new home.

Thanks for your friendly and intentional efforts to welcome new people into our community.  The smallest of gestures can go a long way.

In Welcome,
Pastor Peter


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