A Visit from Luther College (Iowa, USA)

Part of the three week study tour from Luther College included a visit to St. Andrew's Church and Refugee Services.

At St. Andrews has the opportunity to welcome frequent groups from different parts of the world.

First, it is a privilege to share what it is that we do, because our work as a church and as Refugee Services are good and faithful programs in the heart of the city.  The stories are very important human stories and can often pull at the hearts of the visitors.  Oftentimes, they see their partnership with us through their church in ways that they were not aware before.

It is also our responsibility to share what we do with visitors.  It gives us strength to share this good work.  Also, without their partnership with us, including volunteering and funding partnerships, we would not be able to do the programs we do.

If your person or group is looking to visit Cairo, we welcome you with open arms.  If you are a member of the congregation, thanks for your meaningful hospitality.


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