Defining Our Community

Dear Friends,

This past week, a 15 cm section of the stone step leading into our sanctuary broke off.  It is not a major repair issue.  But, the wearing out of the main threshold of our church’s sanctuary can be an intriguing symbol.

I wonder what kinds of people have crossed the threshold of our building.  After all, we have over 100 years of history in our sanctuary.  Of course, there is no way to calculate the actual amount of people.  There is no way to calculate which country is represented the most.  We have no way of knowing what percentage of the people were native English-speakers or claim another native tongue.  We may be Presbyterians, Lutherans, Mennonites or Quakers, but we cannot know for certain which denomination is the most common throughout our history.

Of course, we believe that these national, denominational and linguistic distinctions are not so important.  Evidence of this understanding comes from Galatians, where the people of faith are no longer Jew or Greek, slave nor free, male or female; for all of us are one in Christ Jesus.

Of the people who cross the threshold today, there are many things we have in common.  We are all people of faith, regardless of our background.  We desire faithful fellowship together in the heart of a very large city.  As mainly expats living away from home, we have needs for a supportive community of faith where the promise of God’s presence is proclaimed.  We want to engage in meaningful programs for people in special need, and we find these programs within Refugee Services.  Let us continue to step over the threshold together, to share in all that God is offering in our community of faith.

In Welcome,

Pastor Peter


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