Visitors from US Welcomed

Dear Friends of St. Andrew’s,

Two weeks ago, St. Andrew’s had the opportunity to welcome a group of Lutherans from West Fargo, North Dakota (USA).  They were led by an ELCA pastor and spouse on a whirlwind tour of Egypt and Jordan.  They almost tripled the size of our normally small Sunday worship attendance.

It was amazing to see the kinds of connections we had with this group.  First, this visiting pastor know members of our congregation who have roots in North Dakota themselves.  And also, since they come from the place where I attended high school, they also know my parents and other shared acquaintances in Fargo.  Not only did we share worship together, but obviously we celebrated many other ‘small world’ stories.

I am reminded how important it is to make these kinds of connections.  First, we have lots to tell about our church and Refugee Services.  We are doing good and vital ministry here and people can share in our enthusiasm.  And second, we want them to return to their homes with a small piece of life and ministry on the ground in the Middle East.  If they can return home with this small morsel of experience, our whole community is made stronger.

As we look to welcome other groups in the future, I will do my best to communicate when they will be arriving.  Perhaps you can join me in welcoming them.  To make these connections with other faithful people is an important part of our church’s mission.

Warmly in Christ,

Pastor Peter


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