From Pastor Peter

Dear Friends of St. Andrew’s,

The congregation is coming together again this fall, worshiping and sharing Christian fellowship in our city.  It has been good to see many of the familiar faces in worship these past few weeks.  If you have not returned yet, safe travels as you make your way back to Egypt and to our community.  We look forward to seeing you again.

I am reminded this fall of how many new people have arrived in Egypt.  In specific ways, new expats in our community are looking for a sense of home within their newer routines.  Perhaps you can remember what this process was like when you first arrived.  This relates not only to finding an actual home in which to live, but also a state of being.  It can be challenging and it certainly takes time and a great deal of energy.  Because of these realities of our context, we need each other even more.  For many, feeling at home is almost a matter of survival.

I am convinced that our congregation can assist people in the process of feeling at home in their new environment.  In a time and place where transitional realities are so apparent, building a sense of home is even more crucial.  For people of faith, worship and Christian fellowship within a local congregation creates this sense of home.  After all, God’s promises are not contained by one country border or another.  They are not confined to a certain continent.  It does not matter what country in which you are located.  Worship and Christian fellowship sustain and nurture us.   For people searching for a sense of home, God’s promises in Christ even can have a more profound meaning for us.

So, if you know some new people who are needing to develop more fully their sense of home in this new city, consider bringing them to St. Andrew’s this weekend.  Or, come along on the felucca (sailboat) ride scheduled for this Friday night at 7pm.  We will meet at the Fridays (TGIF) restaurant on the Corniche in Maadi.  Plan to renew old friendships and make new ones, too.  Please bring some food or drink to share with others.

In this whole process, we can create an important sense of home for ourselves and others.

In Welcome,
Pastor Peter Johnson


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