What Makes St. Andrew’s Special?

Recently, when asked what they liked most about St. Andrew’s, friends of the congregation responded with the following reflections:

“I like that the congregation is downtown.  I feel tied into the city in a different way.  I don’t get into downtown Cairo very much, and the commute on Friday mornings is surprisingly easy.”

“I like how our community is made up of such diverse Christian backgrounds.  That makes for great conversations and reflects what life is like in Cairo within the expat community.”

“I like the fact that we are tied so closely with the refugee programs (St. Andrew’s Refugee Services).  I actually can meet people from Darfur, the place I read about in the newspaper.  And, we worship together, too.”

“Did you know that we started worshipping as a congregation back in 1854 and that our current church building is a 100 years old?  That’s a pretty surprising history.”

“St. Andrew’s worship is a centering place for my busy and hectic life in Cairo.”


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